Module Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source
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The Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source package is responsible for providing rates between currencies at a given time.

It is not responsible for purchasing or selling actual money. See Currency::Exchange.

Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Provider subclasses are true rate data providers. See the load_rates method. They provide groups of rates at a given time.

Other Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Base subclasses are chained to provide additional rate source behavior, such as caching and derived rates. They provide individual rates between currencies at a given time. See the rate method. An application will interface directly to a Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Base. A rate aggregator like Currency::Exchange::Rate::Historical::Writer will interface directly to a Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Provider.


Rates sources should never install themselves as a Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source.current or Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source.default. The application itself is responsible setting up the default rate source. The old auto-installation behavior of rate sources, like Currency::Exchange::Xe, is no longer supported.

Initialization of Rate Sources

A typical application will use the following rate source chain:

Somewhere at initialization of application:

   require 'currency'
   require 'currency/exchange/rate/deriver'
   require 'currency/exchange/rate/source/xe'
   require 'currency/exchange/rate/source/timed_cache'

   provider =
   deriver  = => provider)
   cache    = => deriver)
   Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source.default = cache


current   current=   default   default=  

Classes and Modules

Class Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Base
Class Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Failover
Class Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::FederalReserve
Class Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Historical
Class Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::NewYorkFed
Class Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Provider
Class Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Test
Class Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::TheFinancials
Class Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::TimedCache
Class Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Xe

Public Class methods

Returns the current Currency::Exchange object used during explicit and implicit Money conversions.

If current= has not been called and default= has not been called, then UndefinedExchange is raised.

Sets the current Currency::Exchange object used during explicit and implicit Money conversions.

Returns the default Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Base object.

If one is not specfied an instance of Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Base is created. Currency::Exchange::Rate::Source::Base cannot service any conversion rate requests.